Chamois Leather Cloth


Our Naturally Sheepskins Chamois leather (“Shammy”) is a 100% natural product and a superior cleaning tool for vehicles, boats and throughout the home. It is also the ideal product for polishing jewelry, cleaning your laptop and/or polishing windows.

Sourced in New Zealand, this premium quality product is cod oil tanned in hot drums without the use of harsh chemicals. The material has a consistent thickness and is free of holes, windows and grain patches.

Boasting a soft, velvet finish our chamois leather are gentle on all surfaces, helping you achieve a scratch and streak-free clean. Chamois are also highly absorbent – they can absorb up to 6 times their own weight in water.

Use as a multi-surface wipe when wet, or as a duster or polishing cloth when dry.

Conforms to BS 6715:1991. Formaldehyde Free.

Product Details
Size: 3 sq ft (ca. 42 x 65cm)
French Cut
Material: 100% genuine New Zealand Chamois Leather
Key Features: 100% natural
Premium grade
Soft and non-abrasive
Non-slip and tear resistant
Highly absorbent
Eco-friendly (no nasty chemicals)
Care Instructions: Chamois leather is extremely durable and will last for many years if cared for properly.
Clean and rinse your chamois leather with warm water (max 30°C) before and after each use.
Avoid grease-dissolving cleaning agents or detergents as they will cause the leather to become hard.
All solvents, petrol, acids and similar will damage genuine chamois leather.
If heavily soiled, use a natural bar soap to clean the chamois leather and rinse thoroughly.
To dry, gently squeeze out all water and allow to hang freely, away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not dry folded.
Once completely dry, roll or fold your chamois and store it in a dry container.