Wool Dryer Balls (set of 6)


Our Naturally Sheepskins wool dryer balls help soften clothes naturally as well as reducing drying time, static and wrinkling. They are also far quieter, more economical and more environmentally friendly than dryer sheets and the plastic alternatives.

Product Details
Size: 7cm diameter
Quantity: 6 wool dryer balls per set
Packaged in a natural cotton drawstring bag
Material: 100% wool (no synthetic fibres or fillers)
Key Features: Cut down on drying time
Naturally soften fabrics
Reduce wrinkles and static
Eco-friendly (no nasty chemicals)
Instructions for use: For optimal use, place 4 dryer balls for a small load or 6 for a large load into your dryer with your wet laundry. The ‘bouncing’ of the balls in the dryer encourages your garments to move and separate, allowing the hot air to circulate and your clothes to dry faster. In addition to this, the natural characteristics of wool means the balls will absorb moisture, further reducing drying time. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for a beautiful, light scent.

Please Note: As this is a hand manufactured natural product, the dryer balls may differ slightly in size and shape.