Long Wool Sheepskin Throw Rug


These striking sheepskin throw rugs have very fine, extra long wool and a distinctive soft and fluffy texture.
The leather is thin and supple making it ideal for draping across furniture or as a luxurious floor rug.

Available in a range of colours, these throw rugs are the perfect accessory to add texture and warmth and enhance the natural beauty of your home.

Product Details
Size: ca. 85-90cm
Wool Height: Natural wool height of 75 to 100mm
Wool Colour: Ivory
Key Features: Long and shaggy wool pile
Cut to the natural shape
Non-slip leather backing

Note: this is not a single piece of sheepskin. In order to extend the size of the product, pieces have been sewn together. The seams are not visible from the front side of the sheepskin.

Please Note: As this is a natural product, no two rugs will be exactly the same. Please allow for variations in colour, shape and size.