Double Sheepskin Rug - Mocha

How do Sheepskins keep you warm in winter but also cool and dry in summer?

When we think of sheepskins, we often associate them with cosy warmth, but did you know that sheepskins also excel at keeping you cool and comfortable during hot summer months? This seemingly magical ability all comes down to the unique properties of sheepskin and its wool fibres.

The natural crimp of the wool fibres helps to create little air pockets that act as insulation. In the winter, these air pockets trap your body heat and prevent it from escaping, keeping you warm and cosy.

In the summer, the structure of the wool fibres allows air to circulate freely, creating a microclimate between your body and the sheepskin. This natural breathable microclimate promotes heat dissipation, preventing heat from getting trapped against your skin. As a result, you experience a sensation of coolness even in warm temperatures. 

One of the most remarkable properties of sheepskin and wool is its moisture-absorbing capacity. Wool fibres can absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling wet When you’re hot, your body perspires to cool down.  Sheepskins will absorb this moisture, drawing it away from your skin. As the moisture reaches the outer layers of the wool, it begins to evaporate, creating a cooling effect to keep you comfortable in hot weather. 

The breathability and moisture-wicking characteristics of wool work hand in hand with the hydrophobic characteristics of sheepskin. The natural lanolin present in wool acts as a protective barrier, preventing water from penetrating deep into the fibres. This ensures that even as the outer layers of the wool absorb moisture from the environment, the inner layers remain dry, allowing the cooling process to continue efficiently.

In summary, sheepskin’s remarkable thermoregulating properties make it the perfect choice for year-round comfort. It’s superior insulating properties trap warm air, providing a cosy and inviting environment in winter, whilst it’s breathable structure, aided by its moisture-absorbing abilities and hydrophobic characteristics work together to keep you cool and dry in summer. This dual nature of sheepskin ensure that you can enjoy its luxurious comfort no matter the season.

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