Animal Welfare & Sustainability Policy

At Naturally Sheepskin, we are committed to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainability drives every aspect of our business. Our core values reflect a deep responsibility towards the well-being of animals, the preservation of the environment, and the satisfaction of our customers. We seamlessly integrate our sustainability practices to ensure that our sheepskin products not only meet the highest quality standards but also contribute to a more eco-conscious and compassionate world.

Ethical Sourcing and Animal Health and Wellbeing

We source the majority of our sheepskins from Australia and New Zealand, regions known for their stringent animal welfare regulations and practices. Our suppliers adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring that sheep are treated with the utmost care and respect throughout their lives. They follow best practices for animal husbandry, providing appropriate nutrition, access to clean water, and suitable living conditions. Regular veterinary care is provided to ensure the sheep's health and to promptly address any medical needs.

We are committed to supporting the wool sheep industry to move away from the practice of mulesing by transitioning our sheepskin production to non-muelsed fibres.

We do not accept sheepskins sourced from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

We also do not believe in the exploitation or killing of animals solely for the purpose of their hides. All of our sheepskins are bi-products of the meat industry and a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics.

Sustainable Practices

We recognize that our environmental responsibility goes beyond sourcing materials. Throughout our tanning and manufacturing processes we strive to minimise waste and utilise eco-friendly materials. Our tanneries are Oeku-Tex accredited and all our products are EU REACH compliant ensuring they are free from formaldehyde, azo dyes and chrome IV.

Guided by a 'slow-fashion' ethos, we stand as advocates for responsible consumption. By valuing natural products which are built to last, we actively promote a mindset that counters disposable trends.

We are also resolutely moving towards a zero-plastic business model. Our packaging reflects this commitment, comprising reusable bags, recycled cardboard, biodegradable paper tape, and compostable shipping labels. This thoughtful approach not only prolongs the life cycle of packaging materials but also takes substantial steps towards reducing plastic waste.

Continuous Learning and Customer Empowerment

Our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability is an evolving journey. We actively collaborate with industry experts, researchers, and animal welfare organizations to stay informed about the latest advancements and best practices. We regularly assess and update our policies to ensure they align with the latest ethical standards.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of customer education. By transparently communicating our ethical practices, we empower our customers to make conscious choices that resonate with their values. With our products as conduits of change, we aim to inspire a wider movement towards sustainable choices, contributing to animal welfare, sustainability, and our environment.

 At Naturally Sheepskins, our Animal Welfare and Sustainability policy is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to providing the finest quality sheepskin products while upholding the highest ethical and sustainable standards. With each product we create, we take a decisive stride towards a world that values responsible consumption and safeguards our shared planet.