Cleaning & Caring for your Sheepskin Slippers

Our Sheepskin Slippers can last you for years to come if cared for properly. 

We recommend that you protect your Sheepskin slippers and boots with a water-based, oil and water-repellent spray. We recommend "Ugg Protector" by Tantech. Reapply every few months. 

Gently spot clean your sheepskin slippers with a damp cloth and warm soapy water as required. We recommend using a specialist sheepskin shampoo such as “UGG Sheepskin Shampoo” by Tantech, so that the leather doesn’t harden.

If your entire shoe needs cleaning, lightly wet the whole shoe and apply a small amount of the sheepskin shampoo. Rinse well using cool water.
Do not submerge your slippers in water and do not machine wash. 

Air dry your sheepskin slippers in a shady spot, out of direct sunlight. Do not place
in the tumble dryer or dry on a radiator or heater. 

Reshape your slippers by stuffing them with small towels or socks. If required, you can use a suede brush to remove loose dirt and dust. 
We also recommend regularly airing your slippers to keep them fresh. 

Please note that our sheepskin slippers are a natural product, thus some discolouration can occur during the washing process. The same applies if the product is left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.


If you have any questions regarding the care of your product, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our sheepskin slippers will feel snug when first purchased but will loosen over time as the wool and leather conform to your foot.
While our sheepskin slippers are naturally water-repellent, they are not waterproof. Please do not treat them like a pair of gumboots or hiking boots! 
Do not wear socks with your slippers. The natural fibres of the wool allow your
feet to breathe and prevent sweating. Wearing socks will hinder this process.