Australian Merino Lambskin Baby Rug

Our beautiful Naturally Sheepskins lambskin baby rugs are sourced from the Australian Merino sheep which are renowned for having the finest and softest wool in the world. The wool has been shorn to a short length and is specially tanned and individually sanitised providing a safe, natural and healthy place for babies to rest and play.

Product Details
Size: Cut to natural shape 85-90cm
Wool Height: ca. 28 mm
Material: 100% lambskin
Wool Colour: Natural

Please Note: We do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach so that our sheepskins are safe for your baby's skin. As such, our skins are a natural golden colour and not white/ivory.

If any of our products are to be used as bedding for infants under the age of 12 months, we recommend covering the lambskin with a sheet. As per international standards for safe sleep, it is also recommended that the baby is placed on its back whilst sleeping.