Choosing the Perfect Pram Liner: A Closer Look at Our Trio of Options

Choosing the Perfect Pram Liner: A Closer Look at Our Trio of Options

Selecting the right pram liner is a crucial decision for any parent looking to provide optimal comfort and protection for their little whilst out and about. At Naturally Sheepskins, we offer three different sheepskin pram liners, each catering to different preferences and needs. In this blog post, we'll delve into the unique features of each, helping you make an informed decision for your baby's comfort and your pram's longevity. 

All our pram liners have been thoughtfully designed to be a universal fit. They are not only compatible with most prams, strollers, buggies and joggers, but they will also grow with your child so you will get years of use and enjoyment out of them.

Pram Liner #1: The Original Lambskin Pram Liner

Dimensions: ca. 75x30cm;
Universal fit with 11 harness slots;
Genuine Merino lambskin with a 100% cotton lining on the reverse side;
Short wool pile of approximately 25mm.

Our original pram liner boasts a classic design with a rectangular shape, ensuring a secure and snug fit. Designed with your newborn's needs in mind, the wool of this pram liner is shorn to a short length of approximately 25mm. This makes it suitable for use from the earliest ages onwards, providing gentle support and comfort as your little one grows. Whether you're using it in a pram, stroller, buggy, or even in the baby's pram bassinet, this versatile liner will adapt to your child's changing needs. 

Pram Liners #2 and #3: The Luxe Lambskin Liners

Dimensions: ca. 69x34cm;
Tapered sides with 8 harness slots (6 for the shoulder straps and 2 for the lower buckle);
100% lambskin with a natural leather backing.

Our luxe lambskin liners have a figure 8 design with tapered sides making them ideal for both 3- and 5-point harnesses. The top portion of the pram liner is slightly wider than the lower part so the upper portion will “cradle” your child providing comfort and security whilst out and about.
Our luxe lambskin liners come in two variants, catering to different preferences. Our shorn luxe liner has a short wool pile of ca. 25mm making it suitable to use from newborn age onwards. Our midi luxe liner has a longer “midi” wool length with a natural finish giving it a luxurious “soft and fluffy” appearance. We recommend these liners from ~6 months onwards.

Protection and Practicality: All our pram liners act as a protective barrier between your pram's upholstery and your little explorer. They shield against spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear, keeping your pram clean and pristine.

Packaging: To add a touch of sustainability, all our Naturally Sheepskins pram liners come packaged in a reusable canvas drawstring bag, making them easy to store and transport. 

Whether you're drawn to our original pram liner or one of our luxe liners, Naturally Sheepskins has you covered. Our commitment is to provide not just a cosy ride but a comforting experience for your little one during every outing. The genuine lambskin in our liners isn't just about luxury; it's a natural choice that brings breathability and temperature-regulation, offering warmth in winter and a cool, dry haven in summer – ensuring that your baby’s comfort is paramount.
Consider the unique features of each of our liner, find the one that suits your lifestyle, and make every outing an enjoyable experience for both you and your little explorer.

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