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Genuine New Zealand Chamois Leather Cleaning Cloth (3sq ft ca. 42 x 65cm)

Genuine New Zealand Chamois Leather Cleaning Cloth (3sq ft ca. 42 x 65cm)

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Our Naturally Sheepskins Chamois Leather ("Shammy") is a 100% natural product and a superior cleaning tool for vehicles, boats and throughout the home. It is also the ideal product for polishing jewelry, cleaning your laptop and/or polishing windows. Sourced in New Zealand, this premium quality product is cod oil tanned in hot drums without the use of harsh chemicals. The. . . Read more.
Chamois Leather
Size: 3 sq ft (ca. 42 x 65cm)
French Cut
Material: 100% genuine Chamois Leather
Colour: Natural Beige

Key Features:

100% natural;
Premium grade New Zealand Leather;
Soft and non-abrasive;
Non-slip and tear resistant;
Highly absorbent;
Eco-friendly (no nasty chemicals);

Care Instructions: Chamois leather is extremely durable and will last for many years if cared for properly.
Clean and rinse your chamois leather with warm water (max 30°C) before and after each use.
Avoid grease-dissolving cleaning agents or detergents as they will cause the leather to become hard.
All solvents, petrol, acids and similar will damage genuine chamois leather.
If heavily soiled, use a natural bar soap to clean the chamois leather and rinse thoroughly.
To dry, gently squeeze out all water and allow to hang freely, away from direct heat and sunlight. Do not dry folded.
Once completely dry, roll or fold your chamois and store it in a dry container.

Care Guide

Sheepskins are naturally dirt and stain resistant and therefore easy to care for. Regularly shake and brush to maintain appearance. Spot clean as required. Please refer to specific care instructions included with each product. Find out more here.

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As this is a natural product, no two chamois leather will be exactly the same. Please allow for variations in colour, shape and size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Superb Product

So hard to find a genuine chamois cloth, this one is bigger than I had expected. You need to follow instructions as to what to do when you first use it but after that its a joy to work with

George Sanders
Thin skin

I had one before which is now lost. I ordered one from you thinking it would be near the same. This skin is the thinnest I have ever seen. Haven't used it yet but I think it will have to do until I find my good one.

Alan McGrail

A little dissapointing is very thin and hard to use on the car, was hoping it would of been more like my 20yr old one but not at all.

Don from Caringbah
It looks the business but you need to wash it out a couple of times before you use it.

Its big n soft and looks like it will do the job.


Never arrived


    Wool is extremely easy to care for. Whilst all our products are machine-washable, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties make wool naturally stain and dirt resistant reducing the opportunity for odours to develop. The elasticity of wool also means that the product is resistant to creasing and wrinkling and keeps its shape.

    Please note that as this is a natural product, some discolouration can occur during the washing process. The same applies if the product is left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

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